Collaboration work

In research projects in China, Dr.Ariful Haque collaborated with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, physicians, and professors on biomarkers and innovative surgical approaches that may be used to treat future illnesses. He is collaborating with Online Research Club (ORC) Nagasaki University,Japan, as a country coordinator, Medical Research Unit, School of Medicine, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia, CINTA […]

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Ortho-Bridge System (OBS)

Recently, Ortho-Bridge System technology has developed as a viable alternative to bone plate surgery, with the potential to become a total replacement in the future. It is minimally invasive in clinical practice and has been found to produce good outcomes. When used in the surgical therapy of healing broken radius or ulna, or both in

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3D Printing Orthopedics

As specialists (particularly surgeons) discover novel methods to employ 3D printing in the medical industry, it is becoming a significant trend. In the orthopedic field, 3D printing is routinely utilized to make customized implants, gadgets, and tools. 3D printing has also been utilized in orthopedics for preoperative planning and educating students and patients more about

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3D Finite Element Analysis

The finite element method (FEM) was created to solve structural analysis issues in the fields of mechanics, civil engineering, and aeronautical engineering. Turner is credited with inventing this procedure, which he published for the first time in 1956. In 1967, Zienkiewicz released “The Finite Element Method in Structural and Continuum Mechanics,” a book that set

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