Arthroscopy (ahr-THROS-kuh-pee) is a diagnostic and treatment technique for joint issues. A surgeon makes a tiny incision about the size of a buttonhole and inserts a slender tube coupled to a fiber-optic video camera. A high-definition video monitor displays the image within your joint.

Arthroscopy is a procedure that enables the surgeon to view into your joint without having to make a major incision. Using pencil-thin surgical devices introduced via extra tiny incisions, surgeons may even heal certain forms of joint injury during arthroscopy.


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M.B.B.S; M.S (Orthopedic); M.P.H

M.B.B.S; M.S (Orthopedic); M.P.H

M.B.B.S; M.S (Orthopedic); M.P.H

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